Solo or Group Shows, Exhibitions and Art Fairs Bring International Acclaim


Attaining international acclaim is quite an accomplishment. The world of art, like any other world, has powerful collectors who rank in the top echelon as well as smaller, privately owned museums that represent the fascination of one particular investor.

Gary Komarin’s paintings and works on paper have been exhibited throughout the United States and around the world.

In 1996, his works were presented alongside those of Philip Guston, Jean Michel Basquiat and Bill Traylor at 41 Greene Street in New York. Catalog essay was by David Rubin, Director of the Phoenix Art Museum.

In 2008, Gary Komarin was invited to have a solo Museum exhibition at The Musee Kiyoharu Shirabaka in Japan. This museum is privately owned by Chozo Yoshii and The Yoshii Foundation, with galleries in Paris, New York and Tokyo. Gary Komarin was also invited to exhibit his Vessel paintings at The Musee Mougins in Mougins, France in the town where Picasso lived for a decade. This museum is privately owned by London financier Christian Levett.

international acclaim group or solo shows

Whether in solo shows or group exhibitions, Komarin is frequently presented alongside the most highly influential artists of the twentieth century. He has had four solo shows at Galerie Proarta in Zurich, and in his fifth exhibition there he shared the spotlight with other luminaries such as Yves Klein and Francis Bacon. In a successful catalogue show in Dublin, Komarin was among a group of highly respected post-modernists that included Robert Motherwell and Larry Poons.

Recognized as an artist with global appeal, Komarin’s paintings have been presented at Art Fairs, Solo Exhibitions and curated Group Shows in dozens of international locales.

Komarin has also been shown throughout the United States, in many noted museums, corporate and public collections including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; the Denver Art Museum, the Museum South Texas, Corpus Christi; the Montclair Air Museum and the Zimmerli Museum, both in New Jersey; the Arkansas Museum of Contemporary Art; Blount International, Atlanta; the United Bank of Houston; AT&T and American Airlines.

Please see Gary Komarin’s CV for a fuller presentation of group exhibitions, museum collections, private collectors and corporate collectors with Komarin pieces. Contact Gary Komarin Studio for further information regarding his representative galleries worldwide.

International Outposts

Gary Komarin’s international represenation includes:

• Abu Dhabi
• Amsterdam
• Assisi
• Basel
• Bogota
• Bologna
• Brussels
• Cadiz
• Dubai
• Dublin
• Istanbul
• Korea
• London
• Paris
• Spain
• Tokyo
• Toronto
• Zurich

Selected pieces have been exhibited in these stateside cities, among others:

• Aspen
• Atlanta
• Chicago
• Dallas
• Denver
• Des Moines
• Fort Worth
• Houston
• Iowa City
• Los Angeles
• New Orleans
• New York
• Palm Beach
• Reno
• San Fransisco
• Santa Fe
• Scottsdale
• Seattle
• Sun Valley