Have Your Cake And Eat It Too: Happiness & Komarin Cakes

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too: Happiness & Komarin Cakes

The concept of Happiness, or the desire to seek Happiness, is a relatively new construct in human development.  All people want to be Happy but few understand what it means to be Happy and how Happiness, or the idea of seeking Happiness, has changed over time.

Happiness Chimp and tigers

Photo by Barry Bland [source]

Few people in the Modern Age realize (or appreciate) how very difficult the simple act of survival was in a world without fire, where Humans either ate food they could forage or food of larger, sharper-toothed creatures. Humans, of course, also ate each other; early forms of Cannibalism were more widely practiced around the world than many realize.

The Buddhists focus more on a life of peace and simplicity and harmony than they do on seeking Happiness. To quote an expression that I have long liked:

Hope for the best, expect the worst.

In more recent times Thomas Jefferson, when writing the Declaration of Independence, was very influenced by the writings of John Locke and by the Greek philosopher Epicurus. In the original draft of the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson wrote of the individuals right to:

Life, liberty and the pursuit of property.

The terms property was changed last minute to the pursuit of happiness, which was a newer term in the lexicon of the time, and one that was not as widely considered, recognized or appreciated. Owning property in the 18th century, to an aristocrat like Jefferson, was extremely important. Jefferson, as well as many of his comrades who were forming this new nation, owned a great deal of property (which was not necessarily theirs to own, as it was already owned by Native Americans, but that is another story for another time).

There are many, many things that make people Happy – or rather ‘allow’ people to be Happy – these include: good health, good sleep, good sex, good appetite and freedom from anxiety and the endless chattering mind that rarely stops to take a break to smell the roses or the coffee or the rain on the horizon or whatever what one chooses to smell.

Cake Painting by Gary KomarinIn terms of a specific material form of Happiness, one that is enjoyed both as a symbol and an actual material substance is Cake.

As a Painter of Cakes, since the mid 90’s, I find this worldwide appreciation and love of Cake a very intriguing notion. Cakes, as mentioned, were baked and served for a great many ceremonial events throughout pre-recorded and recorded time.

A Cake is often sweet, though this level of sweetness varies from culture to culture, and whether highly decorated or kept very simple, it does bring Joy and Happiness to a great many people around the globe.

A Komarin Cake, whether painted on Paper or Canvas, appeals to a wide variety of individuals, at a visual and tactile level… and it is my suspicion that certain other good triggers are hit or activated subconsciously, including that of taste.

Even though no one, as far as I know, has eaten a Komarin Cake.

A Komarin Cake provides a feast of the eyes – whether large or small, tall, wide or very lean – Happiness is provided. The collector and viewer are filled with the visual splendor and complexity of a Cake painting, and no calories are consumed.

Pleasure without guilt.

The Cake painting sits on the wall. Each viewing provides new pleasures. The waistline does not change.



“Sure, they aren’t edible, but we’d rather watch a cake art show about these than Cake Boss any day.” – Sam Dean, Bon Appétit

Single Sack Gary Komarin Cake Paintings on Paper Bags

“We’re absolutely obsessed with your cakes! LOVE.” – Pomp & Circumstance, Boutique Wedding Planners

“I walked into March and saw your work and immediately smiled! So fun and free. Thank you!” – James Stancil, Artist

Gary Komarin Cake Paintings at MARCH in San Francisco [source]

Gary Komarin Cake Paintings at MARCH in San Francisco [source]

“I adore this series” – DJ Carey, Editorial Director of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens Magazine

“I love your cake paintings!” – Jane Cornwell, Artist

Gary Komarin Cake Painting from The Gallery Apartment in Kent, CT

Gary Komarin Cake Painting from The Gallery Apartment in Kent, CT [source]


Cake Painting by Gary Komarin“Ah. Maze. Ing.” – The Gilded Lobster, Boutique Design Firm

“so effin’ cool!” – Taylor Jensen, Artist

“Love these cakes!” – Scott Laslie, Interior Designer

“Love. Perfection.” – Eric Miller, Artist

“Gary Komarin’s cake paintings are so simple and intriguing.” Bronwyn Burnett, Architect & Designer

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