Life, Love and Riding the Wave: A Sun Valley Komarin Art Show

Life, Love and Riding the Wave: A Sun Valley Komarin Art Show

Life takes many curious twists and turns. Generally speaking, life moves in a wave, as does sound, light, and the oceans that cover our planet – whether you are in St. Bart’s, Jones Beach or the far reaches of some distant island. It happens that light can travel through space in a complete vacuum, whereas sound needs some form of matter to travel.

As I have a current exhibition of new paintings at Gail Severn Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho, KK and I were fully prepared and packed and ready to go fly west. Upon arriving at La Guardia Airport (at the ungodly hour of 6 am) we were told by the sleep deprived flight attendant that “all flights were canceled.” Period. End of subject.

We returned to our NYC pied a terre, at first a bit out of sorts, had a glass of champagne and decided, as they say, “to make the best of it”. Or similarly, we made lemonade out of lemons.

We had attempted to ride the wave and fly west and, on this morning, there was no wave to ride. Life is very much like riding a wave, and it does one good to remember this.

Things often go well until they don’t. Much of this is, it seems, beyond our control. It is a good thing to realize that things happen that will position you, for a while only, in a downward wave; if one breathes adequately and stays calm, they will be picked up by an upward moving wave.

Gary Komarin Cake Painting at Gail Severn Gallery in Sun Valley Idaho Winter 2015 2016

So KK and I hung out, as it were, saw several movies – including The Good The Bad and The Ugly – drank champagne and made the most of our aborted trip.

The good news is that the Sun Valley exhibition began with red dots next to the largest pieces and several, as well, on hold. The exhibition featured at least 15 new paintings and some huge new Cakes on paper that were as large as eight by ten feet.

Gary Komarin in Sun Valley Magazine Winter 2016 issue

Further good news is that the exhibition was very eloquently reviewed as well. Written by Danielle Flam, a young and most articulate west coast writer, the piece in Sun Valley Magazine was titled: Unraveling the Signified from the Signifier: The Art of Gary Komarin.

Art News Unraveling the signified from the signifier the art of gary komarin by Danielle Flam Sun Valley Magazine Winter 2016

The piece dealt with the involvement of the viewer, in the role that the viewer places in bringing the piece alive. In other words; the writer was emphasizing – and I fully agree – that the painting does not arrive at your doorstep fully resolved with a message attached. One must engage the painting and ‘figure it out.’

The viewer plays a part in the life of the painting, and this too is a good thing. The painting truly only comes alive when the viewer engages it. Some might call this the god concept, the belief that god or a higher power, or the universe itself only truly and fully comes to life when we as humans experience joy and pleasure and meaningful experiences.

Unraveling the signified from the signifier the art of gary komarin by Danielle Flam Sun Valley Magazine Winter 2016

So the moral of the travel part of this story is that life throws you a bone and one must gnaw at that bone and make the most of what is at hand.

The world continues to spin, unbeknownst to the earth and the sun and stars.

The “show” as they say “must go on!”

The curtain goes up. Someone offstage yells “action.”

Whether a painting displayed on a gallery wall, or an actor about to deliver his line, the upward arc of the wave begin its next journey. The continuum continues.

Life itself.

Gary Komarin Cake Painting at Gail Severn Gallery Art Show in Sun Valley Idaho

Learn more about my exhibition, ‘The First Green Rushing” in Sun Valley, that runs through February 5th at Gail Severn Gallery.

Read the full article from Sun Valley Magazine here.


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