For Art Collectors With a Modernist Aesthetic

Considerations for private art collectors, art dealers and established galleries

Building a private art collection has parallels to bringing works together for a public art showing. Just as a museum curator seeks pieces that express ideas individually, the assemblage of artworks must also make the viewer curious seeing them displayed together.

For this reason, including Gary Komarin’s paintings and art works on paper in one’s own private art collection is a matter of understanding which artists have already been collected, what could potentially be juxtaposed near which other works, and what most piques the curiosity of a private art collector. Including works by Komarin in a collection is a decision that is not only about each person’s reaction to that piece, but also the delight of color and form as it fits among the visual puzzle of others’ artwork and the actual furnishings and finishes of a home or workplace.


  • Do certain painting subjects actively engage more than others?
  • Is a larger or smaller painting required?
  • Are certain color palettes more sympathetic to a particular living room? and so forth.

For art collectors with a modernist aesthetic, consider where the painting or drawing is to be displayed, and how the staging will affect the viewer. Understand the linearity of the space and the sight lines of people as they move about their home, or their workplace. Contact Komarin Studio to discuss your interests.