Inspiration for Artists and the Game of Chance

Artist painting in the studio | A roll of the dice can lead to inspirationFor most Artists – whether Painters, Poets, Screenwriters or Novelists – there is often an element of Chance in the development of the work. A roll of the dice can lead to inspiration. A Writer stumbles upon an intriguing road sign on a dusty lane, a Painter spills paint on a new canvas that falls in exactly the right way, a Poet – straining for the best word to complete a poem – looks out the cloudy window of a train in Paris and sees the name of a new coffee company that fits the bill exactly right.

I remember reading years ago how the great and smooth lounge singer Bobby Darin got his name. Darin…is a very mellifluous name for a singer born into an Italian family with a very complicated trisyllabic last name. As I recall,

He was en route to an audition somewhere on a rainy night in New York City, rolls down the window of his taxi…


…And sees a local Chinese restaurant whose proper name was MANDARIN DUCK!


But… apparently the first few letters of the neon sign had conked out. So all that Mr. Bobby saw was DARIN.


He immediately sees the ‘light’ and as this name spoke to him – unannounced and unpremeditated – he jumped on it, and forever after was Bobby Darin!

The Dadaists

Hans Arp Chance paper collages | dadaist art workThe Dadaist Artists in the early part of the 20th century played with elements of chance, in Paris and other parts of Europe. They would drop bits of paper on to a flat plane and where they landed is where they stayed. Dadaist Artists liked to find random words in a book or text and pass those words to a piece of paper as the starting point for a painting or drawing.

In Life, what happens when you least expect it is your Life!

In a Komarin Painting, the unexplained and the unintentional are highly desirable. But, it is a difficult destination to find.

One must surrender control. One must let the Painting Speak.

A color is mixed that is not quite as orange as the previous orange that was mixed, but that new orange works perfectly and better yet than the previous color and the Painter must be ever so quick on his feet to notice this and let it be.

Paint is put down on a newly formed emerging shape, when the telephone rings. The Painter goes to answer the phone…and upon putting the phone down realizes that the unformed shape works better than the form that was about to take shape.

Chance has swept into the Studio and done its magic.


The Painter walks out the door and Jumps into the Pool.


The Painting takes care of itself.



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