New Puppies, New Life, & the Road to Creativity


Two new teeny puppies arrived at my doorstep ready to see, smell, and touch the world for the very first time. I have been watching and tending to both Henry and Juno for several days and have begun to see curiously interesting connections between the process of painting and my new companions.

20160523_111317Our new puppies pounce, dart, and roll around much like an abstract painter approaches the canvas. Fresh, new dogs bring life to the surface of the canvas and to the creative process itself , giving freedom to the brush and letting energy flow.

My painting is very much about being fully alive, present, and staying in the moment, and I find inspiration in the way our new puppies will run around the rolling hills of Roxbury. My new terriers prance about, appreciating every moment this world has to offer. When I approach the  canvas, I immerse myself in the world of my painting. I find myself observing new forms to explore and develop, very much like these two puppies who are ever so new to the world.




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