On Style and the Creative Process in Painting


“Komarin makes no distinction between painting and drawing; there are no preparatory drawings for his paintings. Like Jackson Pollock, he has pushed aside the classic dichotomy in painting between designo and colore and works on the canvas directly.”

Joan Waltemath
The Fine Art Society London 2006

On Praxis:
“First, the canvas is placed flat on the studio floor. Working with long handled brushes, I move around quickly losing sight of top and bottom. North, South, East and West. One hopes to get lost in the painting, and yet to maintain enough hold on unfolding visual events to not lose that which is worth saving. Over-painting is not desirable. One learns when to stop, when to leave the room. The forms in the painting are pulled from the subconscious, and must travel a while to find their position on the canvas. A well painted form in the wrong location is useless.”

Gary Komarin
Roxbury, CT  2015


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