Large Paintings

Dirty White Tapping Reeve      78 x 70”      2012
Big Pink      96 x 108”      2011
Dirty White Palermo     90 x 80”      2015
Dirty White No. 7      72 x 60”      2012
Suite of Blue Sea in Cornflower Blue      72 x 60      2012
The Vicars Wife in Grey and Green      67 x 60”      2009
Jack's Bridge      60 x 48”      2012
The Bowman Sixpence Has Got to Have Soul      80 x 72"      2012
Sans Titre Avec le Net No. 2      68 x 60”      2012
The First Green Rushing
The First Green Rushing      48 x 44"      2011
The First Green Rushing
The Bourdon Gauge      80 x 72”      2012
Suite of Blue Sea Estragon      72 x 55      2012
Rue Madame in Red      72 x 60”      2010
Fool      78 x 65”      2012
Asbury Joints      70 x 48”      2011

Abstract Sophistication Defined by Artistic Courage

“Komarin gets paintings that vibrate with historical memory, echoing such things such as Matisse’s driest most empty pictures, Robert Motherwell’s spare abstractions of the 1970’s, or the early New Mexico and Berkeley paintings of Richard Diebenkorn.”

Kenneth Baker
San Francisco  2007

“Komarin’s courage to move ahead and to take risks in his work marked him from the start as outstanding.”

Philip Guston

“Komarin is a grand simplifier, taking economy of means to its ultimate pitch in images as rawly elegant as the green-striped nose in Matisse’s portrait of his wife, as provocatively deadpan as the cartoonish Klan figures in Guston’s late work.”

Chris Waddington
New Orleans  2004

“Komarin is a colourist of the highest mark – his instinct for whimsy and subtlety rendered through pigment is unparalleled by any artist making abstract paintings today, and perhaps only equaled by Rothko’s infamously reverberating palette.”

Robert Otto Epstein
New York  2009


  • Dirty White
  • A Suite of Blue Sea
  • The Disappointed Mistress
  • The First Green Rushing
  • Rue Madame in Red