The Poetic Oblique and Abstract Painting

Collectors often ask about the titles of Komarin paintings, or more specifically the relationship between the titles and the paintings intrigues many and questions often arise. As mentioned in assorted interviews and catalog texts, I keep a box of titles in the studio in a plain hand built hand painted simple box. In this box are snippets of poetry, street names, sections of novels, and assorted words and phrases that seem to happily come my way. Recently while reading an email from a friend in the country, I realized that in her haste to write out the email she had somehow written the following “ever nice the last time you were looking for him.” This was a somewhat unintentionally oblique sentence that hinted at a meeting of two people, but poetic and somewhat hard to decipher at the same time. This is what I liked about the line! It reminded me of abstract painting in that a certain painting moment or phrase or form can allude to one thing and then another and then yet another. In an abstract painting, such overlaps and incongruities are part of the delight and charm and beauty of the piece, not the opposite. Complete clarity is not the desired goal at all. Hence this line, so very simple and poetic made its way to my hand painted box of titles and will soon marry a particular painting that may yet not have been brought as yet to life.

Swiss Positions, 72 x 48"

Swiss Positions by Gary Komarin

Mrs. Blue and You, 72 x 60"

Mrs. Blue and You by Gary Komarin

The Gold of the Azure by Joan Miró, 1966

The Gold of the Azure by Joan Miró


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