What Is Your Inspiration? I Can Hear The Wilderness Listen

listen up what is your inspiration

A Painter not only looks at the world but also they must listen to what it is telling them.

Whether one is a landscape painter, a minimalist, a painterly abstractionist or a fully conceptual installation artist, one not only must pay attention to the world around him but also one must listen to what the world is saying.

When using the term listen, I am referring to looking as much as listening.

Looking and listening lay very close together on the observational bandwidth.

Listen up, and you will discover your inspiration

A Painter observes the world around him, often taking in information on a subconscious level as much if not more than on the conscious level.  By this I mean that a Painter, a Poet, a Novelist, a Singer, and an Actor are soaking in information all the time, whether that information is about spatial relations in landscape, about the beat of the rain on a metal roof, the sound of a chair being pulled across a bare stage, or the curious and unexpected expression of a child pondering a shell on the beach.

These accumulated observations, building over minutes, days, weeks, months, and years become the source materials for a great deal of creative work that a Painter may do once they declare their intentions to be an artist and begin to do the work that an artist does.

A Painter and an Actor, for example, have similar tendencies to watch people and things, in motion or stillness, to listen for the familiar and unfamiliar, to gather these many observations together and to knit them into the substructure of their being.

So that when a Collector may ask a Painter, “What is your inspiration?” the answer for me at least is “Everything.”


what is your inspiration could be wilderness



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