Critical Acclaim


“In this physical and psychological place, Komarin’s zone of continuity, his inheritance, a total commitment to inhabit the unknown, is nonchalantly built into every move. It is all one seamless activity. It is all one painting.”

Steven Alexander New York  2007

“Komarin’s paintings and drawings are marvelous – plastic, sensitive, and serious…”

Philip Guston 1977   Gary Komarin An Abstract Painter Takes The Less Traveled in Roxbury | Connecticut Cottages & Gardens

“Komarin’s real achievement is his ability to keep a straight face. He’s like Beckett or Ionesco that way. All have the ability to imbue absurd and outwardly insubstantial subject matter with all the pathos of the human condition.”

Jon Carver New Mexico

“Komarin is a grand simplifier, taking economy of means to its ultimate pitch in images as rawly elegant as the green-striped nose in Matisse’s portrait of his wife, as provocatively deadpan as the cartoonish Klan figures in Guston’s late work.”

Chris Waddington New Orleans  2004

“The wonder of Komarin’s paintings is that they resonate with so much poetry, especially since the artist may be trying to fool us into thinking that they were produced without the slightest fuss or guile.”

Dean Jenson New York 2005